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Glyn Strong’s media career began at The Guardian in the 1970s.  Since then she has worked for a wide variety of publications and visited more than 50 countries.

In 1994 she left journalism to work for the Armed Forces, spending lengthy periods in hostile environments, running civilian/military news teams in Bosnia and Kuwait and operating in the Falkland Islands, Hungary, Kosovo, Germany, Italy and Holland.

After several years with the Army she became Head of External Communication for the Royal Air Force before being appointed Assistant Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of Defence, responsible for non-news media and documentaries.

She left Whitehall in April 2007 to return to independent journalism reporting from Belarus, Lebanon, Sudan, Afghanistan and Palestine.

A graduate of Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds Universities Glyn is a qualified teacher of English and Communication Studies and in 2002 was awarded an MA in Public Communication for her work on The Effect of Media Reportage on Combat Effectiveness and Gender. She holds professional and/or academic qualifications in English, Journalism, Education and Public Relations.


http://veterans-aid.net - Glyn Strong interviews Michael Aspel at TTV during filming for I Am A Veteran

Today she operates as a freelance writer, photographer film-maker, project manager, consultant and charity worker. Although her interests are eclectic she specialises in ethical, gender, military, travel, human rights, general interest features and veterans issues. She collaborates with broadcasters and distinguished photographers, contributing to national and international publications and documentaries. Glyn is a regular contributor to UK Progressive and The Courant.